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Having had Christian Aid last month it reminded me of those who struggle to find a safe place to stay. With so many people displaced from their homes and sometimes their families it can seem so overwhelming.

We are told that the same amount of people as the population of the UK are displaced and have no place to call home.

Have we have become so desensitised to those in need that we turn away from those in desperate need?

There are so many in need of our help where do we begin? How do we begin? We have the food bank in both churches who are always in need of help whether physical help or supply of goods.

Christian Aid does not stop after May but continues throughout the year and is always looking for help.

We all need to start or continue with our small efforts to help those less fortunate than ourselves we have a duty as Christians to show the love of Christ to all we meet. This is easier said than done sometimes but we must continue to try to follow Jesus' example.

God bless and keep you,



by Mike Collins


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