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As we are now in August it is a time of preparation for new beginnings. Young people are starting school, new classes, new schools, college and universities. It can be a scary time full of doubt and anxiety; these changes can also be exciting and positive. However conversations have a big impact on how new and existing relationships progress.

After reading July’s vicar’s letter from the vicar of St Catherine's Church, Tranmere, I would like to share with you an extract from it:-

James warns us that the tongue can be as destructive as a great forest fire, which "is set on fire by a small spark". We can all fail at this point – a harsh word to a family member, a bitter word to bring someone down, a piece of juicy gossip that is passed on – all can have consequences. One commentator, Sam Allberry, writes, that "just a few careless words, either deliberate or accidental, and the result can be untold damage. We think of careers that have toppled, marriages that have fallen apart, conflicts that have been started and decades of self-loathing that have been generated, all because of carelessly uttered words" (James for You, p93).

It’s no good claiming to be a Christian if our words regularly upset people. So before you speak – THINK about what you are saying:

God Bless



by Mike Collins


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