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Welcome to another New Year.

At the time of writing this, Christmas is still on its way, with all the preparations for it almost complete. But what does the New Year hold for you and for our church? Well, it’s just that; a new beginning. After my last year, it’s just as well we don’t know what is around the corner, but as the saying goes "Life goes on".

So do you have a New Year’s resolution? I asked the uniformed organisations this question last month, and they came up with the answer “to be more like Jesus”. We can all take that on board.

Jesus changed society, and, as his disciples, this should be our ongoing mission. Our church has to change also – not just for change’s sake – but to move forward with modern styles of worship and praise while still retaining what is good from the past , embracing the best of old and new within our services.

And so it is with our church life. Although our services continue in the same format week after week, most of us are unaware of the different activities that go on in our two buildings. But we should know what is happening within our church and in the community around us. Communication in our church is not as good as it could be. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but people assume we all know what’s going on. Neither Heather nor I are mind-readers, so if you have information to share about a parish matter or problem, please let us know. It is better to have ten phone calls than none at all!

After all if nothing had changed in church life over the years, our services would still be being said in Latin , and we’d be singing chants instead of hymns!

So can we have a resolution to embrace change for the good of God’s kingdom here in New Brighton?

Have a good one.



by Ron Jones


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