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The Bible is still the bestselling book of all time. Total sales are estimated at over 5 billion copies, and it sells approximately 100 million copies annually! The Bible has been a major influence on literature and history and has helped to shape people’s lives. It’s a collection of books which God can use to speak to us.

It holds different genres of writings and its authors are from all walks of life. The Pope said, ‘“In order that the family walk well, with trust and hope, it must be nourished with the Word of God.”

It isn’t meant to be left on the shelf.

On the Diocesan Website YBIBLE it says ‘Former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, expresses how Jews approach the Bible: “Jews don’t read the Bible. We sing it, argue with it, wrestle with it, listen to it and turn it inside out to find a new insight we have missed before. It is God’s invitation to join the conversation between heaven and earth that began on Mount Sinai and has never since ceased.”

One of Bishop Peter of Chester’s favourite Bible verses is in John 21 v 12 ‘Jesus welcomes his disciples and said come and have breakfast.’

What is your favourite verse of passage in the Bible?

On the 2nd June at Emmanuel Church, Seabank Road, opposite the Flying Dutchman, we are starting with Breakfast at 9.00am and from 10-1pm, we will read through Luke. After sharing lunch, we will read through Acts of the Apostles and then end with a meal around 5pm. Anyone is welcome as we would like for this to be a community occasion. Come and read, come and hear, come and see what you think to the words you read and hear. Come and eat.

If you would like to book a 10 minute reading slot, please get in touch with me on 0151 639 5844 or revheatheratkinson@gmail.com

If you are reading, please come at least 15 minutes before and that way there will always be people present.

Yours in Christ, Rev Heather Atkinson


by Rev Heather Atkinson


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