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Big Brekkie for Christian Aid

Big Brekkie for Christian Aid

St James will be hosting a Brekkie in support of Christian Aid at 09.30 on Saturday May 20th. Please come along and help us raise money.

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article by Rev Heather Atkinson
Monday 1st May, 2017


Big History Show

Big History Show

St James' church and the New Brighton Heritage Centre had a combined presence at the Big History Show, held at St George's Hall in Liverpool over the weekend of 29/30 April.  The stand displayed...

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article by Richard Wilberforce
Sunday 30th April, 2017


3 Popular Misconceptions About Advent

Christian leaders from Brazil, Colombia, France, and the Philippines weigh in on mistaken beliefs about the season. For liturgy-loving Christians, Advent is a season of anticipation, marked by a...
Christianity Today
2022-11-23 @ 16:35

The Seed of Korean Christianity Grew in the Soil of Shamanism

An awareness of the spirit world was a crucial component in missionary efforts to spread the gospel. Protestant missionaries arrived in Korea in the 1880s with a burning desire to share the gospel...
Christianity Today
2022-11-23 @ 15:30

Love in a Time of Social Conflict

The cross calls us to sacrificial community, especially during a divided age. In the August heat of 1965, widespread violence and bloodshed tore through the Watts area of Los Angeles. There were...
Christianity Today
2022-11-23 @ 14:28

Liberty U. Dean Claims He Was Fired for Whistleblowing

John Markley says he raised concerns about fraudulent management, enrollment rate misrepresentation, and "compensation schemes." A former dean at Liberty University has sued the university...
Christianity Today
2022-11-22 @ 20:25

Lawsuit: Vineyard Anaheim Exit Was About Money, Not Holy Spirit

Carol Wimber-Wong and eight former members accuse Dwelling Place pastors of $62 million fraud. The widow of a legendary Vineyard leader is suing the pastors of a Southern California church for...
Christianity Today
2022-11-22 @ 18:00

Thanks Be to God for Scripted Gratitude

The words I say every Sunday guide me toward gratefulness. I grew up doing sword drills. The Sunday school teacher or youth group leader would yell out a passage, chapter and verse, and we would...
Christianity Today
2022-11-22 @ 14:11

Cambodian Spies Were Watching Me. So Was Someone Else.

After escaping the Khmer Rouge with my siblings, I learned who had been protecting me all along. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me." The first time I heard those words,...
Christianity Today
2022-11-21 @ 15:30


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