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As a Parish, we have two distribution centres for the Wirral Foodbank.


St James Foodbank (Albion Street)

Is open every Thursday between 11:00 and 14:00.  This year has seen a marked increase in the number of clients accessing our Distribution Centre. In the last year we fed a total of 712 individuals (456 adults and 256 children), giving out 5429.43kg of food to them. We now average about 6-10 clients each week. In addition, as a church, we have donated 414.27 kg of food to the Foodbank.

The last year saw support for our "Bread & Spread" initiative grow: This started when Wirral Foodbank, having no cold storage, was unable to utilise catering packs of margarine which had been donated by the Salvation Army.  They soon found a home in our fridges and when a client said the thing that she missed most was bread, "Bread and Spread" – funded by our congregation – was born.  As well as giving fresh bread and buttery spread to every client, we can buy in things which are often in short supply from the warehouse, such as pet food and washing-up liquid.

Clients who come to us are in very difficult and worrying situations and volunteers are happy – if requested – to either sit quietly, or pray with those who come to use our services.


Emmanuel Foodbank (Seabank Road, opposite the Flying Dutchman)

Is open every Friday between 11.00 and 14:00.  We have donated 214kg of food and given out 3270kg.  We have fed 322 adults and 183 children, a total of 505 persons last year. We have helped many people going through a difficult time in their lives and heard some very sad stories. Many say they are embarrassed at having to come to us for food and find it very degrading.  We do our best to put people at their ease, make them a cup of tea or coffee and just let them talk about their situation if they wish to.

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