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Writing this in June for the July magazine. June seemed to come suddenly upon us with some sunshine, enjoying some less restrictions and the 21st of June date for more restrictions being lifted has been put back to 19th July due to the Indian variant of Covid. This may feel frustrating but at least we still have some freedom.

My microlight flight finally took place in June and thinking about the sky what else is happening in June?
On 25th June the US Congress has been given this date to issue a report on UAP’s - unidentified Aerial phenomenon AKA UFO’s. It has been admitted by the Pentagon that we do have unidentified aircraft in our skies and who have released footage caught on camera of technology which goes beyond what we know, even beyond what the US have said they have capability of or have they  technological secrets they have kept from themselves?

It has also been said by senates that the stigma has to be dropped on this subject. Too many people have been hurt through this stigma or threatened into silence. 
This is a major step forward from the days of Project Blue Book who tried to tell people what they saw was swamp gas! 

ATTIP Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program who can neither say or can’t say what the phenomenon is. Could it be another country: foreign adversaries who have got ahead of us. The report may try to promote this view, but other countries too have been dealing with the phenomenon. 
ATTIP are also asking the questions whether  the phenomenon is extra dimensional in a quantum physics sense or Extraterrestrial. Ie Outer space, inner space or the space in-between or even under the oceans as unidentified craft have been seen coming in and out of the sea. Former Director of ATTIP Luis Elizondo said ‘These craft are next generation or several generations ahead of us 50-1000 years!’
If you wish to see a press interview with him by the Washington Post, see this link which also shows a small clip of  some of the released footage from the Pentagon and talks openly about the phenomenon they have been investigating. 


At the very least aren’t we are being asked to think about it? Nothing can be ruled out. 
 What if it does turn out to be extra dimensional, under the ocean, or outer space? Or even all three? 
Would we be ready for the news to know for sure, we are not alone?
That the cosmos is populated or there is life populating other dimensions? Wow, that is quite a picture. Isn’t it! 
The picture of life being far wider and broader than we have ever thought. 
The Vatican in 2009 had a major conclave to discuss the implications of  Extraterrestrial contact. It was said ‘we cannot put limits on God’s creative power’. There were even questions put to the Vatican on whether the Pope would baptise an Alien! 

Some evangelical Christians think UFOS are evil spirits manifesting as craft and beings but is this demonising what we do not fully understand?
 It wouldn’t make sense for an evil spirit manifesting as a craft to turn off  nuclear weapons from the air of which according to this Washington Post press interview, has happened. I have already had an ex military officer, Robert Salas speak with me and another couple over coffee in a hotel lounge about the day it happened at the nuclear missile facility he was working at in the early 60’s in the US. He has gone public about this and asks the question ‘Was it a message to say, going down the nuclear weapon route is not the way to go?’

Not many know the history of this subject of which there is a huge amount of. For instance there are reports of fighter pilots chasing unidentified craft in the 40’s which far surpassed our technology then. Many who were prevented from talking about it at the time. 

If it was ever  was  fully admitted to and I don’t think at this point it would be, that the phenomenon is either extra dimensional or ET or a presence already existing here under our oceans, then films like Independence Day are wrong. We would have been turned into dog food a long time ago. ‘We can conclude that there isn’t a threat’ according to a former employee of NATO. 

There is a lot of talk going on about it and a newly formed group of researchers have come together from 27 different countries called ICER the Vice President being a former DC from West Yorkshire police who complied the Police UFO file data base. 

We live in interesting and yet uncertain times. 
God isn’t surprised by any of it and loves all of his creation of which we cannot rule out may be far more diverse than we ever thought. 
Maybe we as  the human race need to realise we are one family and really do need to learn to love one another. As a world we are still a long way off and a more advanced technology requires a greater spirituality of which as a whole collective we are sadly lacking. 
I wonder how we as the human race would be perceived by another intelligence? 
Over to you!
Rev Heather


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