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Happy Easter to you all. We have just celebrated Easter Sunday. It’s always at a time when creation is growing again, new life is springing and the hope of warmer weather is to be seen.

Did you celebrate Easter Day? Whether you were at home, with family or on holiday, or at your church with your church family. 

Alleluia! Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed!, Is the enthusiastic reply. 

We will say this throughout the Church’s Easter Season which lasts until Pentecost Sunday when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

I was once speaking to a lady who was reading a book on the resurrection. In the book it asked the question, ‘What difference does the resurrection make to your life, now? Have you ever asked yourself that question? 

People often wonder where is God in suffering and war. Jesus didn’t come into our ambiguous war torn world and wave a magic wand to stop the Romans oppressing Israel or any other country from being invaded. He came to preach the message of love because it’s love that makes the difference. He didn’t only teach it but he practice it. On the cross Jesus suffered more than we can imagine. In the events leading up to the cross Jesus suffered verbal, emotional and physical abuse, rejection and torture. He was a son loosing his life early and feeling all these atrocities as any human would. In these horrendous acts done to the one who did not deserve it, Jesus demonstrates nothing but forgiveness and love. He walked the talk. 

He spoke and acted with authority. Mark’s gospel opens with ‘This is the Gospel (the Good news) about Jesus Christ the Son of God.’ His Resurrection should make a different to our life. 

1. Death is not the end, it will never have the last word. 

2. That we know that we are loved by God so much so. 

3. That even in this dark world that did what it did to him, we have hope that Jesus walks alongside us by his presence with us and will have the final say at the end of the age. One day all things will be made new. 

Jesus calls us to join his movement of love and hope as his beloved son or daughter. 

This is good news and worth celebrating. Happy Easter! Love in Christ, Rev Heather.


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