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During Our Midweek service at present, we are reflecting on the line from Fursa’s Prayer: ’Let the Speech of the People of heaven be in my mouth’. 

Our world seems to have gone mad in terms of what is being said.  Misinformation and conspiracy theories abound, fuelling people’s fear all the more. It takes time to fact check and some people are great at sounding plausible, without the qualifications. 

This kind of behaviour is nothing new and was happening with the Spanish flu as well. One theory was that raisins were a cure for the Spanish Flu. Were they? They never really had any bearing on the disease, but it would have only taken one person to have eaten raisins when a corner was turned with the illness and so perpetuated a myth. The only difference nowadays is that information is so readily at our fingertips. 

May we as Christians bring words of hope and comfort, encouragement and peace. May we bring forgiveness and love with words of challenge and justice where necessary. They are the words which makes for a better world. 

Last Lent we were interrupted with a lockdown due to a virus we needed to get to grips with. As we travel through this Lent, with the Covid vaccines rolled out at top speed and hope is on the horizon mixed with less uncertainty, let us fix our eyes upon Jesus who endured the desert and loved us so much that He suffered and died on the cross, to rise again. He holds us in the safety of His arms and knows all things and the truth of what is going on.  He also knows the glorious majesty of heaven and what the kingdom of God looks like in all its fullness.  He isn’t surprised by this world, in fact Jesus did say that lots of horrible things would happen,accompanied by the advice to ‘fear not’. Horrible things have always happened throughout the centuries. Some are thinking that maybe we are in the last days and things will get a whole lot worse before they get better. Whether we are in ‘the last days’ or whether the last days have always been the time from the resurrection until the second coming, is a matter of opinion and how we interpret scripture. All we know for certain is that one day the curtain will fall, and all things will be made new, including us. 

Whichever it is and whatever this world may put us through,we belong to God’s kingdom with a glorious future no matter what happens with the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.  Let the presence of the Spirit of God who resides in our heart hold us fast and let the love of God be rooted in our hearts melting the hardness and the unworthy feelings, healing us and making us whole. 

‚ÄčIsaiah 43:1b Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; have called you by name; you are mine.


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