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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a story I have heard of lately. It is from an Irish pastor called Lee McClelland. 


Lee was in hospital suffering with Covid 19. In his hour of need he cried unto the Lord. 

Due to being In isolation no one could visit but the cleaner suddenly appeared and encouraged him to hang on in there and began to tell him that he had been a missionary leading souls to Jesus.

 The cleaner asked him if he could pray for him. ‘ Absolutely!’ Was Carl’s reply. In his prayers, the cleaner prayed that God would touch Carl’s lungs and that he would be used by God in his life. 

God knew the right person to bring at the right moment even when no one could visit. 

Carl later began to turn a corner when he fancied a bag of prawn cocktail crisps and a can of coke. He told God what he really fancied and the next day the cleaner without knowing his prayer brought him a bag and said’ “I have a gift from the Lord’ . Inside the bag was 2 oranges, a can of coke and a bag of prawn cocktail crisp!

God listens and knows the desires of our hearts. 

Some are asking the question did God send Covid19 

I don’t believe that God sent it and at the heart of this question is the age-old question of why God allows suffering. 

Some of the suffering in the world is caused unfortunately, by us. 


Nobody is exempt from suffering in this world and neither was Jesus. We were reminded of just how much Jesus suffered on Good Friday. He is the God who draws alongside and suffers with us, holding out the promise that one day His Kingdom will come in all its fullness. Until that day comes the whole of creation groans with eager longing. 


As we invite God to walk with us, praying Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, God can bring good out of suffering. He is a God of transformation and Resurrection and therefore can use suffering for good. After all, He turned the most torturous sentence of death on a cross into a place of love. 

Let us continue to hold our world before God and for Him to draw near to all who suffer at this time, all the while turning hearts back to Him. 

Let us also give thanks for where God is at work in our world, through peoples’ hands, feet, hearts and voices and drawing alongside with His Holy Spirit. He is an amazing personal God who knows the desires of our hearts and He promises in Hebrews 13:5 ‘I will never leave you, or forsake you."

Love Rev Heather



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